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Student Clubs

Students can form clubs of their interest like music,dance,sports and what not they can also  invite their fellow students  to join their club and discuss on their interest and get updated and improvised in their interest.They can name their club,  have a meeting monthly once and exchange their views and stay inspired and motivated. This is to encourage students in extracurricular activities to refine your leadership and organizational management experience, explore interests and make friendship that will last a lifetime and make campus life fun.

its time to

Tune your Hobbies!

List of Active Clubs

LAS CLUB (Learn and Share Club)

English Club open for ever one


Photography Club open for every one


It collects blood groups of all the interested donors and make it available on website. open for every one


NSS Unit

Service Oriented Club open for every one


Education Beyond the Classroom!!

Extracurricular activities are a great way to meet like-minded people, pursue your interests, try new things, and develop practical skills like business management or effective writing. student clubs that span a range of interests and skill levels, You can do anything from rowing to dance, from cultivating happiness to high-impact philanthropy. Your options are virtually unlimited.They are truly for the students and by the students. For developments in career interests,goals and personal hobbies you can be part of the either professional clubs or in the Social Clubs.

Serve Your Community - We provide an abundance of opportunities to serve others and change the world, either through volunteer work or pre-professional activities that will help you begin a public interest career by joining a service club. See how you can get involved in public service and leadership activities


Professional Clubs:

To engage with the professional activities and to be up to date with the new technology & science you can take part in the professional clubs.

Example : IEEE


Social Clubs:

To shape personal interests and hobbies, you can engage in one of the many social clubs here.



  • Arts & Creativity Club

  • Dance Club

  • Music Club

  • Photography Club

  • Sports Club


Clubs can conduct events,display and enhance their talents.The clubs give you the chance to apply classroom learning to the outside world. In addition to connecting you with fellow students who have similar interests, clubs are a platform for students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest. This helps you to build formal and informal networks while exploring career opportunities.


You can find a student club that fits your interest and get involved in the Pydah community or you can start a club if that club doesn't exist. Here are many ways to refine your leadership & organizational experience, explore interest and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Get Connected. Get Involved
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