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What is LAS?

Our English Language Club   LAS – (Learn and share)  is a place for language learners like you to improve your English Language skills by practicing with other English learners or English speakers in a casual setting. LAS make a great way to make English-speaking friends. It is important to have good English-speaking friends because your confidence will increase if you do. You will feel more comfortable using English around people you trust and have fun with. The interesting and learner oriented activities that are conducted LAS also help the learners practice English in more real-life situations to increase their desire and enthusiasm to practice and learn on their own.


Advisory Faculty    -   Mr. J.KRISHNARAO (Asst.Prof.&TPO), HBS Dept

Team Leaders       -   Mr.N.Naveen (B.Tech Agri-III-I SEM) 166T1A3542

                                  Mr.Sashank(B.Tech Dairy-I-I SEM)

                                  Mr.M.Tarun  (B.Tech Agri-I-I SEM) 166T1A3533                                       



  • Reading Sessions

  • Vocabulary activities

  • Role plays

  • JAM  Sessions

  • Listening Activities

  • story narration

  • Viewing and Discussion of Films in English

  • Poetry and songs

  • Topical Lessons

  • Presentations

  • Debates

  • Group Discussions

  • competitions

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