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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vision :
To emerge as a cutting-edge knowledge hub in mechanical engineering by employing state-
of-the-art teaching-learning methodologies and research practices, fostering the development
of professionals with a penchant for creative thinking.

Mission :
The department endeavors to impart a comprehensive education by instilling fundamental
engineering principles and fostering professional, innovative, and leadership skills among
students through the following activities:
  • Establishing a robust groundwork in mechanical and related engineering domains.
  • Creating a nurturing environment that enhances the joy and stimulation of learning.
  • Designing and constructing engineering systems tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Cultivating creativity while honing communication and entrepreneurial abilities.
  • Instilling awareness of societal and professional responsibilities, ethical considerations and the imperative of lifelong learning.
  • Addressing current industry challenges and advancing research initiatives.
Courses offered:
Diploma: DME - 60 Seats
B.Tech: MECH - 30 Seats
Career Prospects :

With the rise of modern technology, mechanical engineering has witnessed newfound importance with more and more students opting to learn less explored domains of robotics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, etc.

The scope of mechanical engineering no longer remains limited to just manufacturing and testing of huge machinery and equipment. With technology making new advancements, there are several new domains in mechanical engineering which are being taken up by passionate engineers. These domains include robotics, new materials, nanotechnology, computer-aided design, geomechanics, etc. The two highly pursued domains are robotics and mechatronics, both of which combine the knowledge of mechanical engineering with other streams to deliver state of the art products.

Job Oppurtunities :

Job prospects in industries for mechanical engineers

When we talk about the different job roles for mechanical engineers, the same can be broadly classified into the following few segments 

  1. Design. 

  2. Production. 

  3. Analysis and Testing. 

  4. Installation & Maintenance. 

  5. Research.

  6. Automobile Industry. 

  7. Aerospace Industry.

  8. Robotics & Mechatronics 

  9. Power and Metal Plants.


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