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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Couses offered:
Diploma: DEEE - 60 seats
B.Tech: EEE - 60 seats
M.Tech: Power Electronics - 30 seats
Career Prospects :

The scope of electrical engineering is broad and comprises various technological disciplines such as wireless communications, Radio Frequency analysis and Satellite communications. Careers in electrical engineering are highly sought after due to the huge range of job opportunities available for electrical engineers immediately after graduation. Electrical engineering is leading the charge in development of cutting edge technologies in healthcare, robotics and transport industries. The electrical technology sector has seen a massive spurt in growth in the last decade. There is a huge demand for talented engineering graduates who can design and develop electrical control systems.

Job Oppurtunities :

  • Oil and Gas Extraction:

  • Computer System Designs:

  • Aerospace Manufacturing Navigation:

  • Semiconductor and Associated Parts Manufacturing.

  • Consumer electronics

  • Telecommunications 

  • Construction industry


  • Government institutions like defence, traffic control departments, transportation, etc

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